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The UC Irvine Fiasco

Belle Lettre writes: Prominent constitutional scholar Erwin Chemerinsky (Duke) was hired to be the inaugural dean of the new law school at UC Irvine… . UCI began a nationwide search for an inaugural dean, and Chemerinsky was one of the finalists–and up till this week, the chosen candidate. However, within a week of […]

September 2007 / 2 min.

The RIAA Meets Civil Procedure

Recording Industry vs The People: In May of this year, the United States Supreme Court came down with the decision in Bell Atlantic v. Twombly, -US -, 127 S. Ct. 1955 (May 21, 2007) which established a “plausibility” standard for federal pleadings. In Interscope v. Rodriguez, it was held that the RIAA’s boilerplate complaint, which […]

September 2007 / 1 min.

Judge Voids Part of Patriot Act

A federal judge yesterday struck down the parts of the recently revised USA Patriot Act that authorized the Federal Bureau of Investigation to use informal secret demands called national security letters to compel companies to provide customer records. The judge, Victor Marrero of the Federal District Court in Manhattan, ruled that the measure violated the […]

September 2007 / 1 min.

Back to my second year of law school

I’m now in my second-year of law school, and fortunately I’ve managed to enroll mostly in seminar classes, which are much more to my taste than large lecture classes (the traditional law school format, which I find pedagogically unsound). So now I’m in Intellectual Property and Constitutional Law I (both old-school lecture classes), Alternative Dispute […]

August 2007 / 1 min.

Help the EFF analyze FBI documents

From the Electronic Frontier Foundation: We’ve already started scouring newly-released documents relating to the misuse of National Security Letters to collect Americans’ private information. But don’t let us have all fun aEUR” you, too, can dive into the docs and help uncover the truth about the FBI’s abuse of power. All 1138 pages are freely […]

July 2007 / 1 min.

Reporting on the Supreme Court

SCOTUSblog has an interesting write-up about a C-SPAN program dealing with the challenges for reporters in covering the Supreme Court: With little need for anonymous sources and few opportunities to interview the main subjects of their stories, Supreme Court reporters differ from much of the Beltway press corps. “So much of [the job] is reading,” […]

July 2007 / 1 min.

The Start of Summer Law in Hawaii

Today was my first day of summer law classes in Hawaii: Professional Responsibility: ethics and rules for lawyers. Should be simple, but the rules are far from common sense. The simplest rule: never lie. The more complex areas appear to revolve around zealous client representation, conflict of interest, and how to handle multiple clients (such […]

July 2007 / 1 min.

Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Hawaii

For my “professional responsibility” class here in Hawai’i during the summer, my class is reading Broken Trust: Greed, Mismanagement, And Political Manipulation at America’s Largest Charitable Trust: the Bishop Estate in Hawai’i. So far, the bookaEUR”jointly written by our professor, Randall RothaEUR”provides an excellent historical background on Hawai’i, its native peoples, and its politics, something […]

July 2007 / 1 min.

Update to Domain Name Change

It looks like the domain name change has finally “taken.” Hopefully most things have been updated on the site itself, and URLs going to the old site should be redirected. Now I just need to finish moving myself, and I can get back to posting.

June 2007 / 1 min.

Domain Name Change

in propria persona is moving from my domain ( to its own home at The move should be seamless, but there may be some limited disruptions over the next few days.

June 2007 / 1 min.