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Done with Criminal Law, on to Contracts and Immigration

As my Criminal Law exam is now over, I am now focusing on updating my Contracts materials on Notes from Law School. I’ll also be creating new materials regarding my Immigration class.

May 2007 / 1 min.

Done with Civil Procedure, on to Criminal Law

As my Civil Procedure exam is now over, I am now focusing on updating my Criminal Law materials on Notes from Law School.

May 2007 / 1 min.

Notes from Law School

I’ve begun to slowly add my notes, discussions, and reference materials from some of my law school classes, as an aid to my own study process and preparation for finals. Do not use for legal advice, consult an attorney for your specific situation, do your own studying, etc., etc.! See: Notes from Law School

April 2007 / 1 min.

UC Hastings Law School Evacuated

The events in Virgina seep across the continent: From: Dean Nell Newton Re: Security Threat Dear students, faculty and staff, Today we have received information from an internet discussion board regarding a copycat threat of violence to the Hastings community. We have met with representatives of the FBI and the San Francisco Police and in […]

April 2007 / 1 min.

U.S. bans juvenile executions

It’s nice to join the international community on occasion: Supreme Court Abolishes Juvenile Death Penalty Some interesting snippets from the ruling include: Neither retribution nor deterrence provides adequate justification for imposing the death penalty on juvenile offenders, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the 25-page opinion. “It is proper that we acknowledge the overwhelming weight of […]

March 2005 / 2 min.