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The Radical Remedy in Social Science (1887): Eugenics

From an 1887 book arguing for eugenics as part of public health and education.

April 2018 / 1 min.

The form of letters forces relationships

The form of letters imposes obligations, emphasizes authority, and exerts certain kinds of authority.

April 2018 / 1 min.

Henry Hitchcock considers privacy and telegrams (1879)

In 1879, Henry Hitchcock responded to the growing calls for telegrams to receive privacy protections. He analyzed the existing case law, the arguments for or against such protections, and proposed a path forward.

April 2018 / 1 min.

“The Adulteration of Intelligence” (1883)

In 1883, journalist Charles T. Congdon wrote an article, “The Adulteration of Intelligence,” warning about power of the press if misused (and when combined with control of telegraph wires and wire services).

March 2018 / 2 min.

Attacks on government related to the telegraph in the nineteenth century

In a 1983 article, “The Rise of Communications Regulation: The Telegraph Industry, 1844-1880,” Richard B. Du Boff discusses the growing power of industry (Western Union, especially) and the resistance of the growing telegraphic monopoly to government regulation—even as it routinely accepted government subsidies.

March 2018 / 1 min.

What Place for Family Privacy? (1999)

A look at points relevant to my dissertation from a Martha Albertson Fineman law-review article on privacy and the family.

March 2018 / 5 min.

Privacy for Whom?

An article published by The New Inquiry discussing two books that look at privacy and class in the United States.

February 2018 / 1 min.

Week 5 of my first online course

Teaching an online course is like taking an online course.

February 2018 / 2 min.

Teaching my first online course

Spring of 2018 will be the first time I’ve taught a course completely online.

January 2018 / 1 min.

Postoperative Salt Intolerance (1944)

Consider the level of informed consent present in this study (or perhaps the original study it cites). What does that say about changes in medical research?

January 2018 / 1 min.