The Radical Remedy in Social Science (1887): Eugenics research Note

By Kristopher A. Nelson
in April 2018

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From an 1887 book arguing for eugenics as part of public health and education.

Please note that this post is from 2018. Evaluate with care and in light of later events.

From Edward Bond Foote, The Radical Remedy in Social Science; Or, Borning Better Babies Through Regulating Reproduction by Controlling Conception: An Earnest Essay on Pressing Problems (Murray Hill Publishing Company, 1887), 15:

We want:—

A sufficient education in the science of private and public hygiene and morals, and especially in the direction of sex, reproduction and heredity, which shall be so general that every man and woman at the age of puberty shall know enough, and be religiously inclined to guard against crippling himself or herself, the family or society, by indulging in vice of any kind, and particularly that of reckless propagation.