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Progressives and real liberty

In response to the valorization of economic liberty, Progressives articulated an alternative vision of real liberty for the modern, industrial world.

September 2019 / 3 min.

Howard B. White on science and privacy (1951)

Howard B. White, “The Right to Privacy,” Social Research 18, no. 2 (1951): 171–202.

January 2019 / 1 min.

The “picket line” of national quarantine (1897)

Quarantine to create a strong national border (“picket line”) against yellow fever, from The Washington Post in 1897.

September 2018 / 1 min.

Property, the home, and Carpenter v. United States

Quick thoughts on property, the home, and Carpenter v. United States, plus a capture of some relevant quotes.

June 2018 / 7 min.

Orin Kerr: trespass was never the exclusive Fourth Amendment test (2012)

Orin Kerr explains how the modern assumption that traditional Fourth Amendment doctrine revolved around the law of trespass is wrong.

June 2018 / 2 min.

Protecting the nation’s private homes by policing the public sphere

From Molly McGarry: “Beginning in the 1860s, reformers attempted to protect the nation’s private homes by policing the public sphere.”

June 2018 / 1 min.

The postal network is a liminal space between public and private

Molly McGann: “The Comstock Law shifted censorship from the urban public sphere to the liminal space between the public sphere and private sphere.”

June 2018 / 1 min.

Secrecy versus privacy (re: abortion in Ireland)

“Secrecy is not the same as private. Secrecy is toxic. Private is mature and grown up.”

May 2018 / 1 min.

Lesson from the last week of my first online class: don’t try to duplicate the in-person experience

The key takeway: online classes are nothing like in-person classes, and we should treat them that way.

May 2018 / 3 min.

Science, Religion, and Temperance: pamphlets from 1880

Science combined with religion to play an important role in justifying and enabling new intrusions into the private lives of Americans leading up to Prohibition.

May 2018 / 1 min.