Who Are The Stevens Six?

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Who Are The Stevens Six? | TPMMuckraker:

[T]hese [six Justice Department prosecutors who worked on the Ted Stevens case] are by and large career prosecutors, none of whom have obvious records of political activism on either side. These were serious missteps by veterans who should have known better—and an independent prosecutor will determine whether they were deliberate enough to qualify as contempt. But by all appearances, they were the product of incompetence, poor oversight, turf wars, and an overzealous approach to the job, which led them to run roughshod over established legal procedure—rather than of the overt politicization we saw, for instance, in the US Attorney firings scandal.

An interesting, if brief, look at the six prosecutors involved in the case. I was wondering who these people were and what their background was. Perhaps unfortunately, it did not turn out to be easy to neatly categorize them as poor prosecutors based on their history, etc. So what did go wrong?

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