Top 10 Steps to Make the U.S. House More Open

By Kristopher A. Nelson in

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The Open House Project is working to open up the U.S. House to new technologies of Web-based access:

We’re trying to find the least intrusive ways to open up the House, the low-hanging fruit where the internet and Congressional procedures come together.

Their report to Representative Pelosi identifies 10 steps to take to make the House more open and accessible to citizens:

  1. Legislation database.
    • Publish legislative data in structured formats.
  2. Preserving congressional information.
    • Protect congressional information through archiving and distribution.
  3. Congressional committees.
    • Recognize committees as a public resource by making committee information available online.
  4. Congressional Research Service.
    • Share nonpartisan research beyond Congress.
  5. Web access for members.
    • Permit members to take full advantage of Internet resources.
  6. Citizen journalism access.
    • Grant House access to non-traditional journalists.
  7. The Office of the Clerk of the House.
    • Serve as a source for digital disclosure information.
  8. The Congressional Record.
    • Maintain the veracity of a historical document.
  9. Congressional video.
    • Create open video access to House proceedings.
  10. Coordinating Web standards.
    • Commit to technology reform as an administrative priority.

Republican David All and Democrat Philip de Vellis have collaborated on a video to promote the recommendations: