Historians need to stop obsessing over writing books

Why are historians so obsessed with writing books?

Now that I’m on my second quarter of a PhD program in the History of Science, I am continuing to think about why I am doing this and what history (and History) has to offer, both to me and to the world at large. One concern I already have is with the apparent obsession with the book as the primary mechanism of disseminating the work of historians.

Evolution vs. Revolution: Overcoming Resistance to Change

Image via CrunchBase Speaking in the context of technology, Michael Crandell at GigaOM writes: Take yourself back for a moment to 1990, to the era of dueling operating systems: OS/2 and Windows. At the time, many people still used MS-DOS, and Windows was new (and klunky). Microsoft had cooperated with IBM to create OS/2 to […]

Random House Disabling Kindle Speech

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Random House now disabling text-to-speech function of Kindle e-books: Random House has thrown the dreaded “kill switch” on about 40 of its titles, including authors such as Toni Morrison. Cory Doctorow adds some background: Back in February, the Authors Guild, a lobby group representing less than 10,000 writers, argued […]

Six Small Marketing Steps

Right now, as you read this, someone out there needs the service you provide. – Aviva Cuyler, Small Marketing Steps with Big Impact from GPSolo Magazine I recommend you read through this whole article, which has a good deal of useful details and suggestions, along with “action items” for each topic. The focus is on […]

Employees Will Find Ways to Route Around Corporate Firewalls

Study: Employees Will Find Ways to Route Around Corporate Firewalls – ReadWriteWeb: The study also found that users will go to great lengths to route around corporate networks and often use tools like Gbridge, encrypted tunneling applications, and various private and public proxy services to circumvent security protocols, corporate firewalls and filtering mechanisms. Companies are […]

Lawyers and Technology: The Mystery of Metadata

Image by StarrGazr via Flickr Jim Calloway writes about a new opinion by the New Hampshire Bar Ethics Committee: The New Hampshire Bar Association issued Ethics Committee Opinion 2008-2009/4 on April 16, 2009. I’ve written at length on this subject and one can go here to review my take on all previous bar ethics opinions […]