July 2013

Of MOOCs and Luddites: teaching and the limits of technology

It seems like everyone is talking about MOOCs. According to proponents, massive open online courses will revolutionize higher education and turn traditional academics into the hand weavers (and potential Luddites) of the twenty-first century. But can the efficient delivery of talking heads to far larger audiences than permitted by even the largest lecture halls, all without the geographical constraints of physical buildings, really replace today’s in-person classrooms?

Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus… oh my!

So now we’ve got three–well, more like four–big players in the social networking space: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. Add to that a few other common options–the backyard fence, email, telephone, and carrier pigeon–and the choices of where to share the details on your latest (technology) crush appear insurmountably complex.