Historians need to stop obsessing over writing books

Why are historians so obsessed with writing books?

Now that I’m on my second quarter of a PhD program in the History of Science, I am continuing to think about why I am doing this and what history (and History) has to offer, both to me and to the world at large. One concern I already have is with the apparent obsession with the book as the primary mechanism of disseminating the work of historians.

Don't go to grad school!

At least, don’t go to grad school in the humanities. That’s the message I’ve been hearing from a number of sources, including a recent article from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

5 Social Networking Sites for Legal Job Seekers

Today’s legal job market is tough. To succeed, you need to use all the tools you can. Some of these tools require new rules, although all build on old-fashioned approaches, like networking and building a reputation. Here are five tools to bring your job search into the world of online social networking: Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter, and JD Supra.

Technology and social media alter recruiting and job seeking

NPR brings us some useful new “rules of the road” for those seeking jobs in today’s economy – I think this goes for lawyers as much as anyone. Just remember, while technology has altered some parts of job seeking and recruitment, the broad essentials (a good resume, networking, research, preparation, interview skills) remain the same.