Six Small Marketing Steps

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Right now, as you read this, someone out there needs the service you provide.

– Aviva Cuyler, Small Marketing Steps with Big Impact from GPSolo Magazine

I recommend you read through this whole article, which has a good deal of useful details and suggestions, along with “action items” for each topic. The focus is on marketing yourself as a solo lawyer, but the advice is useful to anyone seeking new business opportunities.

Here’s a quick summary of six small steps you can take to better market yourself:

1. Write a Plan

What are your goals? Who are your prospective clients? What kind of money are you seeking? How can you find and engage prospective clients?

2. Cultivate Your Existing Network

Reach out to the people you already know, and don’t forget family and friends. If you use new technologies like Twitter, great, but don’t forget traditional approaches like sending out holiday cards.

3. Don’t Just Market Yourself, Be an Expert

Recognize that you are already an expert in your field of practice. Look for opportunities to showcase this expertise. Volunteer, lecture, start a blog.

4. Manage Your Online Footprint

“You will be Googled.” So do something about it by using tools like Google Profiles, LinkedIn, and JD Supra. Start a blog to showcase your knowledge and add to your online presence.

5. Publish, Publish, Publish

Write articles for trade magazines. The online versions of these articles will be indexed by Google and build your presence, helping people to find you for what you know. And, once again, blog!

6. Ask

“You don’t get what you don’t ask for, so ask for business.” Find good wording to avoid acting pushy, but don’t be afraid to suggest solutions that you can help with.

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