Ruling gives boost to millions of carers

By Kristopher A. Nelson in

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Times Online – Ruling gives boost to millions of carers:

Millions of people juggling a career with caring for a disabled family member are likely to receive greater protection in the workplace after a British secretary won the latest round in a long-running legal battle.

An adviser to Europe’s highest court said today that Sharon Coleman, a former legal secretary who is the primary carer for her disabled son, was entitled to the same rights against direct discrimination at work that disabled people already enjoy.

The responses to this ruling in the comments are particularly interesting, I think. Note that right now the ADA in the U.S., which protects the rights of the disabled, hasn’t yet been extended to offer any protection to caregivers. “Carers” (a term that’s found popular support in Australia and in the U.K., but has yet to really catch on in the U.S.) must look to other protections instead, perhaps equal protection or sex discrimination legislation.