Privacy Policy & Notice

Please note that this post is from 2018. Evaluate with care and in light of later events.

Who am I?

I’m Kristopher A. Nelson. I have several web sites, including:

  • — about my work and research.
  • — my informal journal dealing with the history of law and technology.
  • — where I collect traffic data for my sites.

These sites are run by an individual (me!) and not as commercial or profit-making business enterprises.

What data do I collect?

None of my sites collect personally indentifying information. Even your IP address, which is automatically sent to my server when you visit, is anonymized before being collected.

I process the information that your browser sends to my server in order to understand how people are accessing and using my various sites. I don’t use it in any way to uniquely or persistently identify you.

I don’t use “cookies” (but some service providers I use do use cookies to do their thing—see below).

If you send me an email through a contact form on one of my sites, I may use your email address to respond to you. I won’t add your address to a marketing lists, sell it, or provide it to any other company except as necessary to actually respond to you.

What data do I share with others?

If you do decide to send me personal data, I will not share it or sell it to anyone else..

Who else might collect data when you visit my sites?

Some data related to you may be collected by other companies that I use in order to provide you with access to my sites, and they may collect information themselves as part of that process. All provide information and privacy policies in compliance with current laws and standards.

Data or privacy questions?

Since it’s just me, I guess that would make me the data protection officer, right?

Anyway, if you want me to do something with personal data you’ve sent me (if you’ve emailed me, for example), drop me an email through my contact form.