Lords refuse to continue hearing case against Simon Mann

By Kristopher A. Nelson in

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Times Online – Lords refuse to continue hearing case against Simon Mann:

A landmark case collapsed in unprecedented fashion today as the House of Lords refused to continue hearing a claim brought by Equatorial Guinea against the alleged plotters of a failed coup because it will not allow one of the defendants to meet with his lawyers.

Simon Mann, a British former SAS officer accused of instigating the plot, is being held at the notorious Black Beach prison after being secretly extradited to the tiny West African nation from Zimbabwe last week. He has been prevented from meeting with either his lawyers or British consular representatives.

Equatorial Guinea’s stance so angered nine law lords hearing a damages claim the oil-rich government brought against Mr Mann that this morning they abruptly adjourned the proceedings indefinitely.

An interesting look into the British legal system, and its role in the international arena.