Google, IBM, Microsoft, VeriSign and Yahoo! all join OpenID

By Kristopher A. Nelson in

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Google, IBM, Microsoft, VeriSign and Yahoo! all join OpenID:

This morning the OpenID Foundation announced that Google, IBM, Microsoft, VeriSign, and Yahoo! have joined the board. The OpenID Foundation was formed in early 2006 by seven community members with the goal of helping promote, protect and enabling the OpenID technologies and community. Today’s announcement marks a milestone in the maturity and impact that the OpenID community has had. While the OpenID Foundation serves a stewardship role around the community’s intellectual property, the Foundation’s board itself does not make any decisions about the specifications the community is collaboratively building.

It certainly would be nice to just use, say, my Google login everywhere, instead of create 10,000 different usernames and passwords. Note to self: check for legal, perhaps contractual, implications…