Amazon’s Kindle DRM strikes again

With physical books – or even electronic sales – the “first-sale” doctrine applies, and the seller cannot unilaterly reverse the transaction and take back the item (even if they credit the consumer for the price). Nor can the seller in a traditional sales transaction prevent resale, etc. – which Amazon also prohibits.

Will consumers adjust to this new model, or will we rebel and insist on our traditional first-sale rights?

Random House Disabling Kindle Speech

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Random House now disabling text-to-speech function of Kindle e-books: Random House has thrown the dreaded “kill switch” on about 40 of its titles, including authors such as Toni Morrison. Cory Doctorow adds some background: Back in February, the Authors Guild, a lobby group representing less than 10,000 writers, argued […]

Music Pirates in Canada!

“MUSIC PIRATES IN CANADA: American Publishers Say They Are Suffering by Copyright Violations There – Steps Taken for Redress” While this sounds like a headline ripped from a newspaper of today, it actually comes from an 1897 article in the New York Times. Enterprising Canadians were selling the sheet music of popular songs via mail […]