Back to my second year of law school

By Kristopher A. Nelson in

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I’m now in my second-year of law school, and fortunately I’ve managed to enroll mostly in seminar classes, which are much more to my taste than large lecture classes (the traditional law school format, which I find pedagogically unsound).

So now I’m in Intellectual Property and Constitutional Law I (both old-school lecture classes), Alternative Dispute Resolution (how does one avoid litigation to solve disputes? These days, this is less alternative that it once was, given the high costs of going to court), Intellectual Property/Biotech (patents, copyrights and more, all focused on the biotech world), and Work/Life Law (see the Center for WorkLife Law for more information). A good mix, I think.

The gap in posting over the last month has mostly been due to my transition from summer back to law school again. (Not that anyone likely cares!)