Five lesser-known – but great – WordPress plugins

By Kristopher A. Nelson
in September 2009

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Five great, although lesser-known, WordPress plugins: Login LockDown, SexyBookmarks, wp-Typography, WP Greet Box, and WP Minify.

Note: this post is from 2009. Evaluate with care and in light of later events.

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Image by adria.richards via Flickr
  1. Login LockDown — adds extra security to WordPress by restricting the number of failed login attempts.

  2. SexyBookmarks — sure, there are many ways to add lists of sharing icons and links to your posts — but this one is pretty.

  3. wp-Typography — easily improve the typography on your site, em and en dashes, hyphenation, and much more.

  4. WP Greet Box — give a simple little welcome message to visitors coming via various referrers, like Stumbleupon or Digg.

  5. WP Minify — compress CSS and Javascript to speed up page loads. It can be a little tricky — I find I have to specifically exclude all 3rd-party scripts and stylesheets — but it’s highly effective.