in propria persona is a blog research compendium and source of pre-publication research and writing by Kristopher Nelson. It is focused primarily on the history of law and technology.

Is this a blog?

I no longer consider in propria persona to be a “web log” or “blog” in the traditional sense. The material I write explores, in a more informal way than either my legal or academic work, issues, evidence, data, and ideas that inform my more formal work. It thus provides a kind of “pre-publication” look at what I am working on at the moment (or considering at the moment).

As such, work here is likely to go further, in some ways, then my more formal materials, and often it does so without the level of supporting detail that I insist on having in work I intend to publish or to submit to a court.

Finally, after much thought and consideration, I no longer publish “comments” on articles, almost entirely because the “spam” and otherwise irrelevant nonsense drowned out any useful potential for back-and-forth discussion.

I still accept comments, questions, and so on sent directly to me.

About the author

In the early part of my career, I worked at a cancer research center as a web systems analyst/administrator handling Solaris and Linux boxes, Apache/PHP/Perl front- and back-end software (custom and off-the-shelf) and the staff that ran them. I have also done custom web development for a number of clients, primarily in the legal space.

I then moved on to do a JD, working particularly on intellectual property and then disability discrimination. I continue to work part time doing legal research and writing (plus client interviews, evidence gathering, and paralegal work as needed) for TRE Legal.

Finally, I am in the final stages of my history of science dissertation on the historical impact of technology of privacy law in the United States. Relatedly, I teach undergraduate writing, history of science, U.S. history, and American legal history at several universities in the area.


Please note that my posts are not legal advice. I am not your attorney. I am not licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. I am not soliciting your business as an attorney. If you have legal questions or need legal answers, I recommend consulting an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction.

Also note that I may provide affiliate links (to Amazon, for example) when discussing some products, but that I do not accept payments for specific posts. There may also be advertising of various kinds. These appear both to offset my hosting costs and to let me explore and understand various advertising platforms. I do not intentionally collect personally identifying information, but do collect aggregate statistics. You will likely receive cookies when visiting this site.

Content on is copyright 2005 – 2017 by Kristopher Nelson. All rights are reserved, so if you want to republish a full article, please get my permission first. But if you just want to quote me, link to me, or otherwise make limited use of my work, remember you can do so under the fair use or fair dealing doctrines.


Kristopher A. Nelson


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