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The new Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is… problematic

The internet chapter of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a secret copyright treaty whose text Obama’s administration refused to disclose due to “national security” concerns, has leaked. It’s bad

November 2009 / 2 min.

Uniform bar exam drawing closer to reality

It could mark one of the biggest changes for lawyers joining the profession since the first U.S. bar exam was given in Delaware in 1763 – a single bar exam aimed at standardizing attorney credentials nationwide.

October 2009 / 1 min.

National Rifle Association of America v. City of Chicago

The recent 7th Circuit case dealing with applying the 2nd Amendment to states is worth reading.

June 2009 / 4 min.

Rosetta Stone Files for an IPO

Image via Wikipedia Marketplace on NPR: Will this IPO translate into turnaround?: Rosetta Stone, the language software maker, is one of the few companies to file an IPO this year. With a strong market debut, will other companies follow suit? This has to be the first IPO I’ve heard about in a very long time. […]

April 2009 / 1 min.

Jobs for new lawyers are hard to come by

Image via Wikipedia It’s no secret that the job market is in shambles, and the legal job market is really no exception. It should come as no surprise that the market is particularly tough for new graduates, people who a year or two ago could often expect - or were led to expect - to […]

April 2009 / 3 min.

Who Are The Stevens Six?

Image via Wikipedia Who Are The Stevens Six? | TPMMuckraker: [T]hese [six Justice Department prosecutors who worked on the Ted Stevens case] are by and large career prosecutors, none of whom have obvious records of political activism on either side. These were serious missteps by veterans who should have known betteraEUR”and an independent prosecutor will […]

April 2009 / 1 min.

Who Could Be Hired Today?

Who Could Be Hired Today? (Concurring Opinions): The trend in hiring law professors with graduate training in other disciplines as well as law degrees is not new; it’s been underway at least since I was a student (1988-1991). Some of the best classes I took were with individuals who had such backgrounds. But the emphasis […]

April 2009 / 1 min.

Major extension of Boumediene

Image via Wikipedia Major extension of Boumediene | SCOTUSblog: Judge Bates’ decision ultimately rests on the same constitutional basis as the Supreme Court’s Boumediene decision: Congress’ nullification of the habeas rights of detainees was invalid under the Suspension Clause, which severely limits the situations in which habeas rights can be taken away. Just as the […]

April 2009 / 1 min.

DOJ moves to set aside verdict against ex-senator Ted Stevens

JURIST - Paper Chase: DOJ moves to set aside verdict against ex-senator Ted Stevens: The US Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a motion in federal court Wednesday seeking to set aside the verdict and dismiss the indictment on corruption charges against former senator Ted Stevens (R-AK). Absolutely appalling. Is this what happens when you hire […]

April 2009 / 1 min.

Cooperative Workers May Not be Fired in Retaliation

From the New York Times: Employees fired after cooperating in sexual harassment investigations may sue for retaliation, the Supreme Court ruled Monday in a case concerning the scope of a federal law barring sex discrimination in the workplace. If it seems obvious that a worker who cooperates with an investigation that reveals sexual harassment by […]

February 2009 / 2 min.